Healthy ways to Care for Wood Cutting Boards.

Healthy ways to Care for Wood Cutting Boards.

With warm, engaging hues, wood adds a hanging bit to any room interior decoration. And it’s additionally one among the most common and purest materials to use to take care of a keen knife edge, useful for creating butcher blocks and cutting boards.


You might not suppose that a block of wood involves repairs, however, allow us to assure you, your chopping board wants to love and care. It doesn’t need to happen a day, however once each alternative week; you must have sex. For Leone’s regime, you’ll like two materials, besides water and a lint-free microfiber cloth:

Food-Grade oil

care for wood

This petroleum-based oil hydrates wood once absorbed. It’s usually used on picket spoons, among alternative room appliances. It’s colorless, odorless, and light-weight (when it involves oils).



Let’s begin from the beginning: wood may be a natural product. This suggests that it’s superbly drawn by Mother Nature. It additionally means it’s some unusual, physical properties. This can be as a result of a picket chopping board works. We do not expect that it necessarily brings food to the table, al although it may be used for that, of course. With operating wood, we tend to mean that it expands and shrinks reckoning on wetness and temperature. It’s alive, as it were. Thanks to this, cracks and gaps will occur. Besides the fact that these cracks and differences don’t seem to be significantly engaging, they will additionally become a simple hang around for bacterium. One thing we wish to avoid.


Antibacterial result

Some folks say that a picket chopping board isn’t hygienically. This can be not true. Once you cut, tiny grooves are going to be created within the board, and the bacterium can collect there. The factor is that a slot in an exceedingly plastic chopping board can part shut around the dirt within the slot. Therefore, once you wash the board, it’s not bonded that you wash out all the earth from the grooves. A picket chopping board doesn’t shut around the dirt, however, can open throughout cleansing. This way, you’ll wash everything out of the slot. Besides this, the phenol within the wood helps quite a bit, by killing a giant a part of the bacterium.




Wash your chopping board with water (soap is ok too), as well as the face and edges, removing something that’s stuck to it with a lint-free rag. The general public solely washes the highest, which lands up symptom the board. Once wetness reacts with grain, it swells, and if the swelling isn’t uniform, it will warp the board. A rocking chopping board sometimes means just one aspect was washed.


The Cream

After the oil has had enough time to soak into the grains, it’s time to use the cream. Apply it on to the wood and unfold the cream over the complete board, ensuring to induce in each nook and cranny. The cream is greasy, therefore if you don’t need to produce it everywhere your hands, apply it with a lint-free microfiber artifact. Once you’ve coated the full piece of wood, you’ve created a barrier to assist the forest to retain wetness. You recognize what to try and do. On its aspect. Broad faces out. Let it sit long.

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