Cervical Cancer Awareness, 7 Points to note.

The cervix is the neck like portion of the uterus / womb that extends into the #vagina
#cervicalcancer is a highly and entirely preventable disease yet 1 million women are diagnosed with it every year sadly many die from it.

1, PREDISPOSING FACTORS: *Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection*Multiple Sexual Partners*An unfaithful sexual  partner *Early sexual intercourse (<16 years)*Smoking *Suppressed Immunity*Early Marriage*Sexually transmitted InfectionsEtc

2, PREVENTION*Screening for cervical cancer (Pap Smear)*Treat all sexually transmitted infections fully especially HPV and  herpes*Delay sexual debut *Be faithful to one sexual partner*Quit smoking *HPV vaccination

This detects the disease early. It’s an invasive procedure , people that are not sexually active(virgins) do not have to get a pap smear however they can get the vaccination which offers protection against HPV!

4, VACCINATION: This alone saves 7 out of every 10 women from getting cervical cancer.It is approved for females after the age of 12 yearsIf you are already infected with HPV , you do not the need the vaccination, what you need is thorough treatment  of the infection!

5, ABOUT CONDOMSAlthough Condoms can lower your chances of getting infected , HPV can infect areas not covered by a condom e.g pubic skin/hair – so condoms  DO NOT fully protect against getting HPV

6, SYMPTOMS: Bleeding after sexual intercourse, Pain during sexual intercourse Post-menopausal bleeding Offensive vaginal discharge which may be blood stainedWeight loss is usually a late symptom

7, TREATMENT: Treatment  options are  based on the stage of the disease. Early detection and treatment of the disease increases chances of survival. Treatment may be by  surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or a combination.

CONCLUSIONThe best treatment is always Prevention!Early Detection is key!Men too can be infected with HPV,  so women, tell your men to screen themselves for HPV infection. Stay #healthy #cheatoncervicalcancer.

Dr Ibe ChiemezieStar Doc

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